An Uzbek Marketplace
An Uzbek Marketplace

The Talking Uzbek Phrasebook
by Rebecca Brown,
Nilufar Sayidova

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Below, you will find several useful phrases and words. To the left is the English and to the far right is the Uzbek translation. Uzbek is currently transitioning from the Cyrillic script to Latin. While Cyrillic is common in Uzbekistan, Latin is the official script.

In the center of each row is a play button that will play a recorded file of the English and Uzbek words. (Except in “Counting,” whose audio files have been grouped into three sets.)


Table of Contents
1. Survival Basics
2. Introductions
3. Directions
4. Shopping
5. Counting


Survival Basics for Uzbek   back to top

Assalomu Aleykum!
Good morning!
Hayirli tong!
Good evening!
Hayirli kech!
What’s up?
How are you?
Good, thanks, and you?
Yaxshi, rahmat, o’zingizchi?
Good bye!
See you later!
Do you speak English?
Siz Inglizcha gaplashasizmi?
I don’t speak English.
Men Inglizcha gapirmayman.
I only speak a little Uzbek.
Men faqat ozgina Ozbekcha gapiraman.
I understand.
I don’t understand.
Men tushunmayapman.
Thank you!
Thank you very much!
Katta rahmat!
Very well, thanks!
Juda yaxshi, rahmat!
You’re welcome!
Excuse me!
A little
Could you speak more slowly?
Sekinroq gapiring iltomos.
Could you write that down?
Yozing, iltomos.
I need a doctor!
Menga shifokor kerak!
Call the police!
Mirshabni chaqiring!


Introductions in Uzbek   back to top

What is your name?
Ismingiz nima?
Pleased to meet you
Tanishganimdan xursandman.
I am __ years old.
I am 20 years old.
Men __ yoshdaman.
Men yigirma yoshdaman.
How old are you?
Yoshing gez nechada?
Where are you from?
Siz qayerdansiz?
I am American.
Men Amerikalikman.
No, I am from Canada.
Yo’q, men Kanadadanman.
She is Australian.
U Avstraliyalik.*
He is Irish.
U Irlandiyalik.*
We are from New Zealand.
Biz Yangi Zelandiyalikmiz.
They are from Wales.
Ular Uelsdan.
How do you like Uzbekistan?
O’zbekiston sizga yoqdimi?
I like Uzbekistan very much.
Menga O’zbekiston juda yoqadi.
Have you ever been to Samarkand?
Samarqanda hech bo’lganmisez?
I have never been to Samarkand before.
Men oldin Samaraqanda hech bo’lmaganman.
This is my second time in Uzbekistan.
Bu safar mening O’zbekistonda ikkinchi marta bo’lishim.
What do you do?
Kim bo’lib ishlaysiz?
I am on vacation.
Men ta’tildaman.

*Note that the same form is used for both sexes.

(Talking dictionary continued below)

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Asking Directions     back to top

Where are the toilets?
Hojatxona qayerda?
Where is the nearest bank?
Eng yaqin bank qayerda?
Where is the nearest post office?
Eng yaqin pochta qayerda?
Where is the nearest train station?
Eng yaqin vokzal qayerda?
Where is the nearest Internet café?
Eng yaqin Internet kafe qayerda?
Where can I get a taxi?
Qayerdan taksi ushlasam bo’ladi?
Straight ahead!
Take a right!
Take a left!
After the stoplight
Svetofordan keyin


Shopping      back to top

How much does that cost?
Necha pul turadi?
The menu, please!
Menyuni bering, iltimos!
I’d like a beer, please
Menga pivo, iltimos.
I would like to pay.
To’lashni xohlayman.
Do you accept credit cards?
Kredit kartochkalarini tolash mumkinmi?


Counting      back to top

0 Nol
1 Bir
2 Ikki
3 Uch
4 To’rt
5 Besh
6 Olti
7 Yetti
8 Sakkiz
9 To’qqiz
(count 1-10)
11 O’n bir
12 O’n ikki
13 O’n uch
14 O’n to’rt
15 O’n besh
16 O’n olti
17 O’n yetti
18 O’n sakkiz
19 O’n to’qqiz
(count 11-19)
21 Yigirma bir
22 Yigirma ikki
30 O’ttiz
40 Qirq
50 Ellik
60 Oltmish
70 Yetmish
80 Sakson
90 To’qson
100 Yuz
101 Bir yuz bir
125 Bir yuz yigirma besh
(count 21-200)
Ikki yuz


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